Ararat Vaspurakan

Ararat Vaspurakan

Age: 15 years old
Content: 0,50 l
Alcohol: 40 %vol.

"Vaspurakan" (Armenian for "noble country") was one of the historical sovereign principalities of Greater Armenia in the 9th century. The Vaspurakan princes were among the greatest architects of their time: in a very short time, they built 10 cities, thousands of castles, citadels and churches.

Tasting notes:

Colour: intense amber colour shaded with tones of antique gold.
Aroma: vivid, elegant aroma combines with hints of spices, oak and dried fruit. Balsamic notes appear at the finish.
Taste: opulent, complex and perfectly balanced flavour. Surprisingly velvety and well-rounded. Slight bite at the finish is smoothed out by bright and expressive notes of sweetness. Refined, lingering aftertaste.

Closure corks

Made and bottled in Armenia.

Importer Aniland GmbH

 Grenzgrabenstraße 5A

13053 Berlin – Germany

Selling alcohol to young people under 18 is forbidden. 



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