Ararat Nairi - New Range

Ararat Nairi - New Range

Ararat  Nairi

Age: 20 years old
Content: 0,50 l
Alcohol: 40 %vol.

Thousands of years ago in the Armenian highlands, there was a land with crystal clear springs, thick forests, clean and rippling streams, grass-covered mountains, steep gorges and fertile valleys. The neighboring peoples called that land Nairi. It was here that the state of Urartu, direct forerunner of Armenia, was born.

Tasting notes:

Colour: beautiful, intense dark amber colour. Pleasing radiance and flawless clarity.
Aroma: harmonious, complex texture is both silky and sophisticated. Balsamic fragrance heightens with notes of cedar.
Taste: flavour is rich and complex, with pleasing lingering aftertaste. Subtle combination of toasted bread and cloves is balanced by notes of cinnamon and honey.

Closure corks

Made and bottled in Armenia.

Importer Aniland GmbH

 Grenzgrabenstraße 5A

13053 Berlin – Germany

Selling alcohol to young people under 18 is forbidden. 



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