Cornel cherries in syrup

Prepared with the best Armenian cornelian cherries
Enjoy our cornelian cherries with syrup as a dessert, as a sweet snack for tea, or as a garnish to ice, or with yoghurt.

Already the holy Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) has dedicated itself to the stomach cleaning qualities of the Cornelkirsche. Quote: "... and the fruit of this tree is useful for healthy and sick people, does not harm the human being when they are eaten, but it cleanses and strengthens the sick stomach and also the healthy stomach and it benefits the human being for health ... «
The cornelian cherry tree flourishes only after 14-16 years.
The berries contain natural sugars, essential oils and large amounts of vitamin C and P.
Highest quality
Contains no pectin, no artificial dyes or flavors.

Net weight 450g

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