About us

The A&D Food was founded in Schaafheim (Germany) with the aim to introduce Armenian natural artisanal products to European food lovers.

Our Noah’s Fruit gourmet products stand out for their use of traditional recipes, careful selection of the finest fresh fruit, and their unique serving suggestions. Our customers are delicatessen shops and organic food stores.
Armenia is an ancient, rural country in Caucasus. Untouched and unspoiled by industrialisation, it has managed to keep all its traditions of Armenian food and wine making. The clean air over 2000 meters above sea level, the scorching sun and the mountain spring water ensure that fruit and vegetables grow with a naturally luscious flavour.
This is the reason why our products do not need and do not contain any artificial flavourings, colourings or additives. They are 100% natural.
After the Flood Noah’s Ark rested upon the mountain of Ararat, where life began again in the gardens of Armenia. Perhaps this is the secret of the unique flavours in our products. You can taste this Garden of Eden!

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AddressA&D Food GmbH, Odenwaldstr. 9, 64850 Schaafheim

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