Ararat Entir - New Range

Ararat Entir - New Range

Age: 7 years old
Content: 0,50 l
Alcohol: 40 %vol.


Entir is the inheritor of the traditions to the first Armenian vintage brandy Fine-Champagne-Otborny, created in 1902.
Exacting care is brought to the making of this national treasure: only indigenous grape varieties are used and the distillation is performed in traditional French pot stills, after which the brandy is matured in oak barrels.

Tasting notes:

Colour: intense golden amber colour.
Aroma: vivid, fresh and fruity aroma. Delicate acidity of the bouquet is complemented by tones of fresh orange peel and oak.
Taste: sustained flavour is full and intense. Fruity notes are balanced by tones of lemon, caramel and dried figs. Finishes with a note of bitter almond.

Closure corks

Made and bottled in Armenia.

Importer Aniland GmbH

 Grenzgrabenstraße 5A

13053 Berlin – Germany


Selling alcohol to young people under 18 is forbidden. 



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